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Our Founder - Harvey Jewett

For 30+ years Harvey Jewett has been producing graphics, photography and fine art. Beginning in the early 1990s Harvey rode the analog to digital wave giving him an unique blend of old-school, analog/manual art creation skills and a mastery of digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop having worked with them since their earliest conception. This understanding of processes has allows him to successfully add many tools to his arsenal of creativity including many Illustration Techniques (draw, paint, pastel, digital & analog), Photography (digital & analog), Video Editing, Large Format Printing, Offset Printing, Graphic Design (web & print), 3D Modeling & More.

Best Seller

For more than 15 years Z-axis Prints has provided some of the highest quality one-off & low volume lenticular printing available anywhere. A boutique printing & design service we produce high quality, dynamic, lenticular images ranging from 2"x3" to 3'x4' on lens material from 10lpi to 100lpi in frequency. 

Our Vision

Our goal is to always create the highest quality work within the time and budget allowed. We don't believe in cookie cutters or doing anything halfway. We envision a future where custom is commonplace and products we provide our clientele are produced at a quality and speed that denote a good value and build lasting relationships.  


Our Services

Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration, 3D modeling, Architectural Visualizations, Photography (digital & analog), Image Manipulation & Editing, Stereoscopy (3D photography), Photo Mosaics, Sports Photo Templates, Video Editing, Lenticular Printing, Giclee Printing, Large Format Printing, Laser Engraving & More

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