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(Image above ©Francois Beaulieu)

Basic conversion of your ready to print MPO files, stereo pairs, iPhone “portrait mode” images, depth images or parallax sequences for 3D lenticular printing is provided FREE with your print order. Retouching, color correction and 2D to 3D conversion services available as well. We can also print “flips,” animations or morphs. At Z-axis Prints we pride ourselves in creating very high quality lenticular prints just one at a time.

Our order page is up (click here) but may be buggy so please let us know if you have any difficulty ordering.

3D Prints from your iPhone and a single photo using the DepthCam app.  See the  Z-axis Blog

Or check out Fyuse for multi-frame capture on iOS or Android.

Fyuse image – decorated and edited in-app. See our latest post on this app.

Above is a Fuyse image of a lenticular print made from the app.