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Lenticular 3D from iOS and Android using the Fyuse app!

Depth photos are cool and we can make great 3D lenticular prints from many different types of depth photos. But when you want that full “look-around,” 3D effect with minimal post processing you need to capture the scene from multiple angles. Now, you could use just about any camera to take photos of a subject from multiple angles. But then you would also have to do a lot of set up and figuring to capture the right images. Generally, you would need to calculate how far to move your camera, or space your cameras around your subject. You’d need to carefully space out all your cameras and level each capture location or use some type of capture rail, jib or crane. There are countless techniques really, but they all require a lot of set up and knowledge and often expensive equipment

What if you could speed up this process? Maybe take out the math, and measuring? And get a preview of your data set almost immediately after shooting?

Well, check out the Fyuse app for iOS or Android. This amazing little app has a ton of tools to make capturing a lenticular 3D sequence both fun and easy.

Fyuse is a spatially aware image capture.

Fyuse is a spatially aware image capture app for iOS and Android devices. Spatial aware means that Fyuse sees the scene and the objects within it. The app uses this data to track your subject, align the images captured and create a dynamic display of your capture. All on the fly.

Fyuse app home screen.

When you first open the Fyuse app your are greeted by a waterfall of Fyuse images from other users curated by the app creators. This is a fun social media aspect built right into the app. You can view Fyuses by people all around the world and choose to share yours or keep them private. To enter into capture mode and access your camera just tap the small round button at the bottom.

Fyuse “Object Mode”

For a lenticular product we choose “object mode” by clicking on the little 3D box in the lower left corner. Then tap on your subject to activate the capture control that makes this little app so awesome for handheld lenticular capture.

Fyuse Object Capture Control

Start your capture by tapping on the round button in the middle and slowly move in an arc around your subject. Fyuse shows you your progress with an animated arrow that progresses with your movement. When you reach the end of your capture tap the square button in the middle to halt the capture process. The app stays in camera mode and you can take multiple captures before you process the sequences. To process a capture just tap on the thumnail of your last capture in the lower left of the screen.

The resulting Fyuse file animates as you tilt your phone or on the web when you click and drag back and forth with your cursor. You want as smooth of a capture as possible so plan your movement ahead of time to avoid any major jerks or changes in elevation. If you are happy with your animation you can stop here and export to send to Z-axis for print making. Or you can edit your Fyuse in a number of ways.

Fyuse Render Styles

Choose from tons of rendering style presets. You can pick from many creative painterly or abstract rendering styles to give your image a unique look. Create cool 3D painterly scenes straight out of your dreams.

Fyuse Image Edits

Fyuse also has many built in basic image editing tools that you will find very handy. You can trim a sequence to cut out any movement beyond the simple look-around capture of our subject. And you can adjust the lightness & darkness, shadows & highlights as well as sharpen and preform basic exposure correction. The tools are basic but can help you to fine tune your image quite a bit.

Fyuse Decorations & Text

And to top it all off Fyuse offers an interface to add 3D text and stickers to your image. Not only are these items actually 3D themselves but the are pinned to the 3D location within your scene that you choose. This means that they also move with the scene as you animate your Fyuse image and that they will also appear to float in your image in 3D when you convert your Fyuse to a 3D lenticular print.

Fyuse image – decorated and edited in-app

Ordering a 3D lenticular print from your Fyuse image couldn’t be much easier. Be sure to save your edits and publish your Fyuse image. Next simply tap on the 3 small dots in the upper right corner of the screen and tap on copy link. Then navigate to our Lenticular Order page, choose the 3D option, your print size and paste your link into the “Name Of File(s) To Be Printed *” box. No file export or upload to us is necessary. You can add any requests or special instructions in the “special instructions” field and complete your purchase. Most orders are shipped in just a few days.

For questions or issues with order contact harvey@zaxisprints.com. Have fun exploring and creating your own custom 3D lenticular images using the Fyuse App for iOS and Android devices.

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