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DepthCam for iOS and iPhones 7+ and newer!

Check out DepthCam in the AppStore if you own an iPhone 7+ or newer iPhone running iOS 11 or newer. This amazing little app allows you to take full advantage of the iPhone 7+ and newer’s depth sensing capabilities. Using this awesome little app you can create great 3D lenticular images using just a single shot from your iPhone 7+ or newer Apple device.

Packed with features, this app shows you a live preview of the depth it’s capturing so you don’t waste time wondering if you captured good data.

You then have many choices of how to view your depth data. Above are just a few.

You can even view your data as a model and stretch or compress it or view it shaded or wireframe. This can be useful to identify areas that may need editing to reduce artifacts and pixel stretching along the edges of objects.

You can save your depth map to your camera roll and then edit it in another program such as Adobe Photoshoop Express and load it back into DepthCam to check your edits.

When you are satisfied with your depth map and model, save both the image file and the depth map to your camera roll as separate files. Then visit our Lenticular Prints page to choose your print sizes and begin your order.

We will then use our expertise and optimize your file to produce the most life-like lenticular 3D print that we can make. Give it a try today, you will be amazed at what you can create in just a few minutes on your mobile device.

For any questions or help with ordering from your mobile device, e-mail harvey@zaxisprints.com.

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