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New for 2018! Custom 3D prints from your SmartPhone camera!

What’s new? Why 3D prints made from your smartphone of course! Thanks to innovations by Apple & Google and independent developers like Fyusion and BrainFeverMedia, we can now offer high quality 3D lenticular images captured on your mobile device. If you’ve got an app that can capture the depth or spatial properties in a scene we can make a 3D lenticular print of it. Check out DepthCam for capturing the depth from a single viewpoint. Or try out Fyuse to capture multiple viewpoints for that total “look-around,” 3D spatial effect.


Click on the image above to see an animation of the 3D parallax achieved.

Got questions? Just send a quick e-mail to harvey@zaxisprints.com, let me know what app you’d like to use to make your custom 3D lenticular print. I’ll reply back with tips and suggestions as wells as instructions for uploading your files and ordering prints.

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