This web site is a work-in-progress and we do not have an online ordering system set up yet. Please read the product and ordering information below and contact Harvey at for more information.

Here are our print prices for either ready-to-print aligned lenticular image sequences or stereo pair images processed through our automatic conversion software. We can print your image at what ever aspect ratio you like, but they must fit within these set lens sizes. All sizes can be in landscape or portrait orientation up to 16x20. Larger sizes are in portrait orientation only.

4-4x5s60lpi10 Frames$22.00
1-8x1060lpi10 Frames$20.00
1-8x1040lpi16 Frames$24.00
1-16x2040lpi10 Frames$80.00
1-16x1040lpi16 Frames$40.00(landscape only)
1-16x1020lpi32 frames$50.00(landscape only)
1-16x2020lpi20 frames$100.00
1-20x2820lpi20 frames$160.00(portrait only)

The automatic conversion software produces results of varying quality depending on the source images used. We always process image pairs through the automatic software and then advise you as to what to expect. We can retouch the output on a couple different levels to improve the print quality. For just $10 we will do a basic hand retouch that helps smooth out any rough areas and usually results in an acceptable print. We also offer full hand conversion and retouching services. Full custom re-touch or conversion from an .mpo file or stereo pair is $50 and guarantees our very best output from a stereo pair.

For easy payment we accept Paypal and we can send you an invoice when you are ready to place your order.

If you need to e-mail us larger files you can use or we can set you up with an account on our ftp server.